Proposing Formula-Based Design Method for RC Columns and Uniformly Reinforced Shear Walls

Document Type : Research Article


1 Faculty of civil engineering, Shahrood University of Technology

2 Faculty of Civil Engineering, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Semnan, Iran


In recent decades, Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures have been impressively grown in construction and research fields. The RC Column is a major component of RC building structures. Design of RC columns and shear walls is an iterative and time-consuming process which often carried out using P-M interaction diagrams (PMID) in hand calculations. In this paper, with a different attitude on conventional approaches and using curve and surface fitting techniques, a simple Formula-based Design (FbD) method for design of RC column and Uniformly Reinforced Shear Wall (URSW) is proposed by which the longitudinal reinforcement area to section gross area ratio can be determined according to sectional details and other assumptions. This proposed dimension-independent method is compatible with any applied axial loads and bending moments, and decreases the complexity and time of design iterations in hand calculations of design and analysis process. Also, these well-organized formulas are useful for direct modeling of standard shapes of column in different research fields. Further, a procedure for determining the strength reduction factor is provided according to ACI 318 Code requirements. The validity and accuracy of the proposed FbD method is investigated by comparing with conventional hand calculation methods, and by several assessments, which shows that this method is suitable for the faster hand design of RC columns and URSWs with satisfying accuracy.


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