Investigation on the effect of addition of Nano alumina, Nano silica, Nano titania and MWCNTs on flexural and compressive strength of cement mortar

Document Type : Research Article


1 University faculty, Assistant Prof

2 Structural Engineer


Development of Nano technology can be simulated to expedite movement of high-speed train. The interdisciplinary intrinsic of nanotechnology has led the researchers in the field of construction to feel interest in Nano particles for making modern materials with high performance properties and reducing environmental pollution. In the current research, experimental work has been carried out on cement mortars for the replacement of partial of cement with Nano particles, and then mortar specimens have been casted in prism molds with dimension of 4*4*16 cm. The main subject of the paper is examining Nano particles on mechanical characteristics of cement mortars. Different and common types of Nano particles have been applied in the mixtures and effects have been investigated. After curing of specimens for 7, 28 and 90 days, they have been subjected to flexural and compressive tests according to ASTM C348 and 349 standards. The results showed that the most strength activity of Nano particles would occur in first 7 days although their activity would decrease with steep slope in 28 and 90 Days of curing. Also, the results has indicated that 4% of Nano silica , 0.4% of CNT and 1% of Nano titania had better effect on flexural and compressive strength, however Nano alumina had negative effect on strength of cement mortar.


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