Reinforcement Effects on the Permanent Settlement of Sandy Slopes under Cyclic Loading

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran.


Several strategies have been used to improve the engineering characteristics of soils for many years. However, in the last 50 years, advances in human knowledge of soil behavior and geotechnical hazards, on the one hand, and advances in other sciences like chemistry, on the other, have resulted in the development of creative methods for modifying soil specifications. The effect of a grid anchor as soil reinforcement on the settlement of strip foundations resting on sand slopes under cyclic loading is investigated in this study. Vehicle traffic, machine foundation, or loading and unloading due to filling and discharging oil tanks can all contribute to this loading. The effect of several variables on the permanent settlement of the strip foundation was investigated in this study, including the number of loading and unloading cycles, the number of reinforcing layers, the kind of reinforcement, and the ratio of cyclic load amplitude to static loading. The results reveal that as the number of loading and unloading cycles and the cyclic loading amplitude rose, the quantity of permanent settlement increased. However, it decreased as the number of reinforcement layers increased. The differences of permanent settlement and the number of loading cycles required to reach it have been examined based on the findings.


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