A Multi-Period Multi-Objective Routing-Locating of Heterogeneous Vehicles (MPMORLHVP) planning Model for two echelon supply chain with Facility Breakdown

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Shomal University, Amol, Iran


Making decisions for allocating locations and determining the optimal route for vehicles will result in saving the number of transportation costs. In this article, a two-objective optimization model is proposed for determining the route and allocating the visit location for heterogeneous vehicles. Thus, considering numerous service periods in the whole planning horizon, a two-level multi-period location routing problem is suggested to find optimal solutions, including periodic decision-making on facility location and vehicle routes .For this purpose, two objective functions are formulated to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The first objective is to minimize the total cost per path. The second goal is to minimize the total repair time of vehicles to visit all areas. In this section, the calculation results of the proposed model are shown. GAMS software has been used to run the model. The proposed model can determine the rout of visiting places for different vehicles. It also specifies the arrival time of each vehicle and the waiting time to receive the necessary repair service.The Epsilon Constraint (EC) method has been used to solve the proposed model. The applicability of the proposed model is shown via a numerical problem. The results obtained from solving the proposed model are compared with the routing plan. The comparisons show that the results obtained through solving the proposed model are better than the current routing programs. In addition, the results of this study can provide an advantage to decision-makers so that they consider appropriate strategies for disaster response.


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